Up to Greensboro, Bringing Bad Weather to Fayetteville

Hey I have not blogged in a while. It has been months!!!!

I went to the civil rights museum in Greensboro. But showerss doesn’t bring May flowers just yet!

            Scarf & Top: Walmart, Jeans & Sandals: Justice, Brooch: Mom's Closet, Jacket: JC Penney

There’s my nighttime outfit at the Birthday bash(It’s not my b-day peeps!):

Lace Cami: PoppyPia, Peachy Top: F21, Blouse: Belk, Skirt: JC Penney, Belt: From a Skirt or Top, Wedges: Payless
P.S. Zipper earrings are in both outfits from Justice

Hopefully, I found one of my fave new blogs, Middle School Fashion. The blogger, Cass have like the best fashion advice I ever had in my 12 years in my life. Hopefully I will put it on my top 10 advice areas. And hopefully get some advice from her as well. As always I’ll blog to you guys later. xoxo, Desi


Weekend Part 2

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

This is the last and final part. We went up in Raleigh yesterday to see my aunt. Then we went to the Crabtree Valley Mall(I did not buy anything for myself) so we could get clothes for my aunt. What I wore will be located in my bed so bare with me not wearing it.

Top: Wal-Mart, Cardi: Forever 21 Cargos: dELiA*s, Scarf: Wal-Mart, Boots: Payless

For good, Miley Cyrus is the inspiration HERE and the top is the MAIN focus for this inspiration. It’s been great this weekend. And we’re having a pizza party in our apartment. Blogging off, Desi

Weekend. Part 1

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey guys! I could not wait to hear from you from F/W Fashion Week. This weekend I have family over from New Jersey and going to see my aunt on tomorrow. Idk what I am wearing on Sunday, but it was supposed to be a little cooler. So here’s what I wore today. I look plain due to comfort and a little chic I felt today.

Jacket: JC Penney, Tank: Justice, Dolman Top: F21, Jeans: Justice, Shoes: Payless

This outfit reminds me of the minimalism trend and the rocker look. Extremely cool with a Greek twist. So far, I liked Miu Miu, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Vera Wang’s spring collections. I hope to get the glitz of the F/W 2011. The WORST trends in my opinion are wide leg jeans, long skirts, and 20% of the loafer trend. I rather do the oxfords better due to fitting my quirky, eclectic style. P.S., don’t forget about the styling page. I am working to be a fashion stylist to raise money for my family so I got to do a new page.

School and Tights

Phew, this was a tough day. And loved it. I will say this again, I GO to a SCHOOL that REQUIRES a UNIFORM okay? Thank you for your confidence. What I wore to school is chic and can be very vintage. And they require navy knee highs and brown brouges. Plus a little pizazz to make it more modern. It was basically inspired by Teen Vogue, girl scouts, or 50’s school.

Polo: Walmart, Shorts: Gap Kids, Knee Highs: Ltd Too 2006?, Brogues(wingtips): Cato, Necklace: JC Penney, Watch: Aunt, White Bracelet: IDK, Shimmery Bangles: Rainbow, Headband & Pin: IDK*

*Trick: Before it was a flower headband itself, I found a just a plain headband, then added a pin to make myself more creative.

Oh and I will tag WeLoveColors which I know that sells hosiery. Some of you might know. I am looking forward to get me some tights from there.

2011 Post With 6 New Year Resoulutions

Hey. It’s 2011, twenty one one, twenty eleven, however you call it happy new year, though it’s a little too late (it’s January 21st).

  • Be a local blogger first- To be famous, you got to start with small things first. So I will do it by small things first before I go gossip-worthy here.
  • Make unexpected outfit surprises- I can wear a pin to a plain belt as if it were something on the belt or use hair pins to fabric as if they were attachments to that particular garment.
  • Check for more blog inspiration- I like how some bloggers arrange their outfits so I would look for some more blogs.
  • Travel more- I been around NC during these days that you don’t go to school. I wish to go to the fashion show in Greensboro (I think it is if mom has more money) during around the spring break.
  • In order to get moolah for me, I got to have great grades on my end of 1st semester in middle school. So I am hoping to improve my grades (mine’ s are A’s and B’s).
  • I really wanted to be on Girl’s Life on the Real Girl Style section and on other magazines so I am hoping to be on these magazines by the end of 2011.

I moved into my apartment since Friday the 7th and could not get to my blog at ALL! It was snowing that it hurt the power lines. So I am hoping to get more posts along as in my time on this laptop.

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Can’t You See I am Relaxing???

December 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I am at my cousin Jamin’sHouse blogging to you guys. Hopefully, I changed my background and the blog title, so it’s Desi, The Watermellon Muse. I will change the blog’s background’s color after I am finished typing, ok?

tunic is from Justice , the leggings were from Limited Too (Now Justice), the scarf (disgiusing as a shawl) was from Family Dollar. I love the ombre on it. As you guys see I am working on the minimalism with a pop of color here. The boots were from Wal-Mart. Then, I told you the last blog before that I have the hairbows from JC Penney. There are some more. It is the 8-pack I think it is of hairbows. That is what the pink one looks like but with the leopard print. Now they are in blue and green. At least, time for the cool things.

According to the blogroll I have been lovin these blogs I have seen so far:

  • Rumi-I love her style as a blogger and as a model. My favorite outfits of her was on the F21 blogger muses when she had on the boxy plaid shirt and the white tee underneath with the black knee socks and heels or wedges. I think she have the grunge with a little cashmere style. (click Fashion Toast)


  • Diya- I think she have a lady-like style because she would wear stilettos and mostly cinch her outfits with a belt (which I would do too :). My favorite outfit was this blue empire waisted coat, black blouse, a printed skirt, a belt, blue heels, and the peacock necklace and the gold bracelets.(click Diya In Her Stilettos)

Remember, I would do that on my other blogs and I am going to do some fashion inspiration later on.

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In a World of Tacos and Tropicana Juices

December 28, 2010 Leave a comment

   Mom and I just went to Taco Bell and to Food Lion. When mom got 3 taco for her and 3 for me , I ended up eating 5/6 of the tacos because I was crazily hungry for a lot of them. Think of being hungry like Owen.
Anyways, here is my outfit:

   The scarf and the sneakers was from Payless, the tee was from Wal-Mart, the jacket was from Ross. I love this jacket because of its sporty masculine feel so that gave a sporty touch ot this outfit in a manly way. The jeggings were from Citi trends. I did not notice the long sleeve tee that you did not see much was from Justice. Also I might have seen and might say, What in the world is that pink thing on my head you guys might not see it that well but I got this little fella from JC Penney. I also have posted this on Lookbook as well.

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