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Hello world!

Hey this is your new friend coming here and I bascically thank you for inspiration(especially from Style Bubble and Style Rookie). Right now I have 5 new friends that inspire my style and my must haves.

1.Kodak (which is partly beacuse of the lens and uploading problem )

2. The Pin Crew (or brooches that love me and chang my attitude from plain at pain to a fashion visitor)

3. My fabulous brain which should led me to a fashion child prodigy of blogging and a stylist, school which makes me an AIG (Academically Intellengally Gifted) student and made a great history a part of me.

4. God because he made my mind for intellegence and courage to lead me to a blog starting sucess.

5. My mom because she used to be a buyer at Belk (retail store) and inspired me to a world of fashion.

 I am living in the beautiful city of Fayetteville, North Carolina. So I wish we had Fashion Weeks in NC, especially in Raleigh, which is like 45 miles northeast of us. If I met a fashion blogger, it would be Tavi Gevinson because she put her fashion risks to her and still look comfortable.

My Top 5 Stores:

1.Justice- Nice and relaxed clothing and something that can get most pieces in my outfit from.

2.Forever 21- Very chic clothing. I will be wearing one of my pieces to my open house on the 24th.

3. Cato’s- Haven’t been there for a while. Hope they have very edgy clothing this time of year.

4. Thirty One- They have very chic bags and you can personalize your bags. You have to get a counsultant to get their products. Plus, this month their embrodiery will be $1, so get ’em before it gets to $6 embrodiery.

5. Dollar Stores- Because of the changes of fashion of the 21st century, they’ve done it again! At the dollar stores, you can find a headband with a side attachment for amuch less price and also the accessories, too. At Family Dollar, you can get a very chic attachment to your closet, so you can get one of their things for a much cheaper price if you’re in NC.

So, yeah this my first blog today, so I’ll get my page personalized.

XOXO, ♥Desi♥

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