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WWE:Lady Googoo v.s. Lady Gaga Part 1

 You know that Lady Gaga is a crazy-dressed star, right? To make this clear, I made a series called WWE SmackDown: Fashion Blog Edition with….. StyleChild! Bla bla bla, yeah, yeah we have a baby that resembles Lady Gaga. Speaking of baby it’s……………………………………………………


 Now you see these two ladies and you will see the first dialogue

Lady Gaga: You can’t read my poker face

Lady Googoo: (sings) Can’t read my, can’t read my, you cannot read my baby face.

Lady Gaga: (sings) She’s got a rude momma

Lady Googoo You’ll see what I mean.

  Like Lady Gaga was very famous  and wears Alejandro and Lady Googoo wears like Alexander McQueen and she’s only a newborm, maybe she was born to be on Pampers so she can wear denim diapers and if Alexander McQueen designing company produce studded diapers with toy dolls glued to it, she’ll wear it to Fashion Week Fall 2010. P.S., Lady Googoo is not real. Lady Gaga dress like a Barbie doll and wears underwear on some of her concerts. Lady Googoo enjoys fame by watching Good Luck Charlie and throws. Like the economy needs to let companies, like Mattel to produce their own Lady Googoo. Sometimes, I just don’t like the ecomomy and I would throw eggs to them someday. The eggs don’t need to be produced. What a crazy news article it is! Later on, I’ll be sick by eating eggs. So, yeah they belong to animals, not to stores. I would throw the wrong eggs to Lady Googoo because she’s too young to be the new Lady Gaga. Charlie the baby is older than her. I’m going to a B-day party later on.



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