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WWE: Lady Googoo V.S. Lady Gaga Part 2: The Bla Bla

Lady Googoo and Lady Gaga are at it again!

Here’s My Analogy

Lady Gaga is to Madonna as Lady Googoo is to Charlie?

OK this is why I said this analogy:

Crying Baby Shot

Image by Jason DeRusha via Flickr

 At least I did not find why I created Lady Googoo which is my baby version of Lady Gaga and why I have her and Lady Gaga in a smackdown. But a baby could not tell you why either. But puh-lease, We’ll get this baby straight. For you fashion bloggers who would’ve loved Good Luck Charlie, alike Charlie, Lady Googoo gets into peril like this. If you had the Gaga-cidous, which is having to dress like Lady Gaga and copy what Lady Gaga does, you’ll like this. At least, a baby cries, the “The Googoo” cries, too. Isn’t what you addressed me to do?

At least Madonna needs Lady Gaga to fix her own closet. So, Lady Gaga appeared on the MTV music video awards and her outfit is stunning. Plus, she can walk in these hard-to-walk-for-others Alexander McQueen 5″-6″ heels. Speaking of Alexander McQueeen, hoping that’s Fashion week going on, I am going to send a letter to a female fashion designer which made it to fashion week.Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I am thinking of Chloe Dao or Vera Wang. I wish to appear on fashion week, but don’t have the time because of school clutter I have already. Who’ s going to win? Lady Gaga or this nonsenseful, unexistable Lady Googoo. Made of the terms of baby talk, “Googoo gaga.”



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