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It’s HERE!

       Yes!!! Finally a camera to keep. Anyways, Merry Christmas guys. And a laptop that a 12 year old can keep. At least I am going outside. I am wearing a shirt to wear and a blazer, knit blazer, ankle boots, and some gloves to play in. Hopefully, there wil be 2-4″ of snow tonight and wanted to wear some layers, so I”ll try to include a scarf to keep my neck warm and a knit beret to keep my head warm also. I got a dolman shirt,lace patterned skirt, and a beret from Forever 21, the shirt I am wearing, blazer, necklace, and a pack of hairbows from JC Penney. Okay there are some of my gifts I got, but I do not want to what all I got for Christmas. Okay, I am getting a neckache here.I might do two posts so make sure you see it. If you don’t it’s okay because I might not have a lot of time.

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