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Can’t You See I am Relaxing???

I am at my cousin Jamin’sHouse blogging to you guys. Hopefully, I changed my background and the blog title, so it’s Desi, The Watermellon Muse. I will change the blog’s background’s color after I am finished typing, ok?

tunic is from Justice , the leggings were from Limited Too (Now Justice), the scarf (disgiusing as a shawl) was from Family Dollar. I love the ombre on it. As you guys see I am working on the minimalism with a pop of color here. The boots were from Wal-Mart. Then, I told you the last blog before that I have the hairbows from JC Penney. There are some more. It is the 8-pack I think it is of hairbows. That is what the pink one looks like but with the leopard print. Now they are in blue and green. At least, time for the cool things.

According to the blogroll I have been lovin these blogs I have seen so far:

  • Rumi-I love her style as a blogger and as a model. My favorite outfits of her was on the F21 blogger muses when she had on the boxy plaid shirt and the white tee underneath with the black knee socks and heels or wedges. I think she have the grunge with a little cashmere style. (click Fashion Toast)


  • Diya- I think she have a lady-like style because she would wear stilettos and mostly cinch her outfits with a belt (which I would do too :). My favorite outfit was this blue empire waisted coat, black blouse, a printed skirt, a belt, blue heels, and the peacock necklace and the gold bracelets.(click Diya In Her Stilettos)

Remember, I would do that on my other blogs and I am going to do some fashion inspiration later on.

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