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2011 Post With 6 New Year Resoulutions

Hey. It’s 2011, twenty one one, twenty eleven, however you call it happy new year, though it’s a little too late (it’s January 21st).

  • Be a local blogger first- To be famous, you got to start with small things first. So I will do it by small things first before I go gossip-worthy here.
  • Make unexpected outfit surprises- I can wear a pin to a plain belt as if it were something on the belt or use hair pins to fabric as if they were attachments to that particular garment.
  • Check for more blog inspiration- I like how some bloggers arrange their outfits so I would look for some more blogs.
  • Travel more- I been around NC during these days that you don’t go to school. I wish to go to the fashion show in Greensboro (I think it is if mom has more money) during around the spring break.
  • In order to get moolah for me, I got to have great grades on my end of 1st semester in middle school. So I am hoping to improve my grades (mine’ s are A’s and B’s).
  • I really wanted to be on Girl’s Life on the Real Girl Style section and on other magazines so I am hoping to be on these magazines by the end of 2011.

I moved into my apartment since Friday the 7th and could not get to my blog at ALL! It was snowing that it hurt the power lines. So I am hoping to get more posts along as in my time on this laptop.

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