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Weekend. Part 1

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Hey guys! I could not wait to hear from you from F/W Fashion Week. This weekend I have family over from New Jersey and going to see my aunt on tomorrow. Idk what I am wearing on Sunday, but it was supposed to be a little cooler. So here’s what I wore today. I look plain due to comfort and a little chic I felt today.

Jacket: JC Penney, Tank: Justice, Dolman Top: F21, Jeans: Justice, Shoes: Payless

This outfit reminds me of the minimalism trend and the rocker look. Extremely cool with a Greek twist. So far, I liked Miu Miu, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Vera Wang’s spring collections. I hope to get the glitz of the F/W 2011. The WORST trends in my opinion are wide leg jeans, long skirts, and 20% of the loafer trend. I rather do the oxfords better due to fitting my quirky, eclectic style. P.S., don’t forget about the styling page. I am working to be a fashion stylist to raise money for my family so I got to do a new page.


Givenchy, Make More or Give Me The Chains!

    Most fashion bloggers like probaly Tavi might have blogged about Givenchy collections, right? I really loved how they arranged the chains.

Chains and black? You’re one of my wonderful, creative, favorite designers in the world! I would wear this to a local fashion show and watch how they styled their fashions. I’d probally style their clothing if I wished for it. Very good to remind most of us to PUT ON 4 OR 5  OR MORE CHAINS AT ONCE! Can I get a whoo-whoo?

Speaking of whoo-whoo, let’s take a look at Given-chy’s Collection.

If you are wearing these dresses epecially the white ones, make sure you wear a slip under it. I want to see one of the dresses on a celeb for good. I love the white dress(the first one to your left <——) because I like how these  white bracelet thingies on both wrists. Can anyone wear colored tights for a pop of color and a colorful, chunky necklace. Duhduhduh you just got nerved! We probaly need a special treatment, especially us famous fashion bloggers. Applause.