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Up to Greensboro, Bringing Bad Weather to Fayetteville

Hey I have not blogged in a while. It has been months!!!!

I went to the civil rights museum in Greensboro. But showerss doesn’t bring May flowers just yet!

            Scarf & Top: Walmart, Jeans & Sandals: Justice, Brooch: Mom's Closet, Jacket: JC Penney

There’s my nighttime outfit at the Birthday bash(It’s not my b-day peeps!):

Lace Cami: PoppyPia, Peachy Top: F21, Blouse: Belk, Skirt: JC Penney, Belt: From a Skirt or Top, Wedges: Payless
P.S. Zipper earrings are in both outfits from Justice

Hopefully, I found one of my fave new blogs, Middle School Fashion. The blogger, Cass have like the best fashion advice I ever had in my 12 years in my life. Hopefully I will put it on my top 10 advice areas. And hopefully get some advice from her as well. As always I’ll blog to you guys later. xoxo, Desi


School and Tights

Phew, this was a tough day. And loved it. I will say this again, I GO to a SCHOOL that REQUIRES a UNIFORM okay? Thank you for your confidence. What I wore to school is chic and can be very vintage. And they require navy knee highs and brown brouges. Plus a little pizazz to make it more modern. It was basically inspired by Teen Vogue, girl scouts, or 50’s school.

Polo: Walmart, Shorts: Gap Kids, Knee Highs: Ltd Too 2006?, Brogues(wingtips): Cato, Necklace: JC Penney, Watch: Aunt, White Bracelet: IDK, Shimmery Bangles: Rainbow, Headband & Pin: IDK*

*Trick: Before it was a flower headband itself, I found a just a plain headband, then added a pin to make myself more creative.

Oh and I will tag WeLoveColors which I know that sells hosiery. Some of you might know. I am looking forward to get me some tights from there.

Diary of a Silly Kid Part 1

    Afterschool, I got my bookbag out of my locker when I’m not to, but got a teacher’s permission. Okay, that’s not I started my day. Bleeeeeeh! Let me start over because it’s too out of order.

    Thursday August 26,2010

              This morning, we talked about our Code of Conduct all day,right? Well, in 1st period, my classmate Cameron was like, “What if?”. He was like doing it in every sentence, duh. I was like, that guy need to make up his mind, so that really had to do anything to annoy the teacher. In 4th period, I think, this guy named Stephen had his pants down and shirt down without tucking it in. So it was like this:

    My hair was supposed to be curly at that time and brother you got-to-be kidding me. Like you-got-to-be. And duh, if you act like LeShawna from Total Drama, I’m sure you’ll be half friendly and half mean, litterally! Wearing uniforms is really hard and the hottest thing is on Fridays, we don’t have to wear uniforms (not this Friday). I couldn’t wait what are we wearing the next day of school. Maybe anything to perk my uni up(sometimes I put short versions of words so the blog can be more exciting) like a popper color, or a bracelet, so yeah this new school year is going to be fun (with a dress code, yeah, a written one!). If you are in school, great luck and make sure all of you wish me luck for the rest of the school year and be more of a responsible, mature, mindful, any word you call it, young mature (again!) lady, I meant young adult even though I’m 11 , which my teacher calls us. And still working on that camera!☺

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Hello world!

Hey this is your new friend coming here and I bascically thank you for inspiration(especially from Style Bubble and Style Rookie). Right now I have 5 new friends that inspire my style and my must haves.

1.Kodak (which is partly beacuse of the lens and uploading problem )

2. The Pin Crew (or brooches that love me and chang my attitude from plain at pain to a fashion visitor)

3. My fabulous brain which should led me to a fashion child prodigy of blogging and a stylist, school which makes me an AIG (Academically Intellengally Gifted) student and made a great history a part of me.

4. God because he made my mind for intellegence and courage to lead me to a blog starting sucess.

5. My mom because she used to be a buyer at Belk (retail store) and inspired me to a world of fashion.

 I am living in the beautiful city of Fayetteville, North Carolina. So I wish we had Fashion Weeks in NC, especially in Raleigh, which is like 45 miles northeast of us. If I met a fashion blogger, it would be Tavi Gevinson because she put her fashion risks to her and still look comfortable.

My Top 5 Stores:

1.Justice- Nice and relaxed clothing and something that can get most pieces in my outfit from.

2.Forever 21- Very chic clothing. I will be wearing one of my pieces to my open house on the 24th.

3. Cato’s- Haven’t been there for a while. Hope they have very edgy clothing this time of year.

4. Thirty One- They have very chic bags and you can personalize your bags. You have to get a counsultant to get their products. Plus, this month their embrodiery will be $1, so get ’em before it gets to $6 embrodiery.

5. Dollar Stores- Because of the changes of fashion of the 21st century, they’ve done it again! At the dollar stores, you can find a headband with a side attachment for amuch less price and also the accessories, too. At Family Dollar, you can get a very chic attachment to your closet, so you can get one of their things for a much cheaper price if you’re in NC.

So, yeah this my first blog today, so I’ll get my page personalized.

XOXO, ♥Desi♥

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